It is a great vision to share one world one people one love. A vision that encompasses all people as one population of human beings.

New Beginnings

This site is dedicated to promoting the world vision of One World One People One Love.  There are so many world issues that are shared.  We hear about it every day in the news, poverty, homelessness, gender, race, and religion each affecting every country.  Aside from the cultural differences we are still one population of human beings.  Race and gender should not define the humanity that is within each of us.   Each country may be able to find different solutions to the issues affecting all of us on this planet.  One population of human beings is a vision that would bring all countries together, and would create a better future for the children.   Once we address the issues across the board, we can begin to see positive changes.  For so long many countries have struggled on their own to resolve these issues, and yet no progress is being made to further the development of people.  Cultural differences such as language should not be limiting our ability to bring a resolution to important world issues.  Poverty and lack of fresh water are top of the list, and yet there are so many issues to address.  The treatment of children and women in the world is another issue that hinders our progress for one population of human beings.  To discuss these issues openly among different countries, we can start to see that we are more similar than we thought.  Race and gender affect the economic status of many and is still being ignored in today’s society as an important issue.   When we begin to see that improving the world means that all countries speak with each other, we can begin to heal the people as a whole.  Open discussions would also bring in different ideas and lead to more productive outcomes to resolve these issues.  World discussions of these issues would also bring the stability to smaller countries that have no support at all.  We all strive to recognize the individuality of people, yet the similarities are what will heal.  We are One World, One People, One Love.  One population of human beings is the result of world leaders making an effort to see this world as our only home and one in which we should live peaceably.